Happy Fathers Day!

Definition: Aeration (also called aerification) is the process by which air is circulated through, use of a decanter to increase exposure to air, or a specialized wine aerator.

What’s a cool gift to receive for Fathers day?  Socks?  a new tie?  (full disclosure, I didn’t get this for fathers day, I got )

Vinturi is the brand of this one and it makes this one and makes an interesting sucking noise as wine pours through it.  Does it make a $10 wine taste like a $20 wine?  Does it make a $50 wine taste like a $100 bottle of wine?  Not really, especially after the third glass.   If you have company over, it’s a great conversation piece, which usually leads to a discourse on wine.   Is this something that you need to have?  Depends.  It definitely takes out the harshness of wine and smooths it out, though waiting 10 minutes will do the same thing.   For some wines, it almost makes them slightly bubbly, if the wine is already particulary smooth.  If you already own a , then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own the vinturi aerator.  Especially if you’re a gadget guy.  Comes with it’s own stand as well.

(bonus points if you can identify the wine)

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